August 2014

Now Playing

a play by Donald Margulies
with Jeannine Haas and Annalise Cain

Wednesday* thru Saturday, August 20-23

Ruth Steiner (played by Jeannine Haas), a celebrated New York author and college professor with a dry wit and a distinguished career mentors a bright-eyed young protégé, Lisa Morrison (Annalise Cain). In the six scenes that take place over six years in Ruth’s Greenwich Village apartment,  the tables inevitably turn.  But how the turning happens is the stuff this drama is made of.  In this two-hander featuring two magnificent roles for women, award-winning playwright Donald Margulies seduces the audience into an emotional and intellectual boilermaker. As the drama unfolds and the relationship evolves, we are made to wrestle with such questions as:  whose stories belong to whom, what is fiction and what is truth, what does it mean to mentor someone (or be mentored by someone) and what is the cost?

A tightly focused play..[an] engaging tale of aesthetics and ethics with intelligence and sharp, literate humor....
Charles Isherwood, NY Times

WHERE:  First Congregational Church of Ashfield
              429 Main Street

TICKETS:  Brown Paper Tickets
            $20 Adult, $15 Student and *Wed. Preview
            At Door- Tickets are $5 More